Jordi Sanchez-Tort

Senior Partner & Lawyer
Jordi Sanchez-Tort is the Senior Partner of PARODILAWYERS, a Legal Firm of Spanish Lawyers (Abogados) and UK Solicitors with a wide range of National and International links to find the proper solution and assign to his clients the best professionals of his team to help them succeed in any kind of legal problem that can arise in their life.

Education & Work

  • Central University of Barcelona, Education
    - 1992
  • Firm Bufet Sanchez-De La Varga, SCP , Founder & CEO
    1992 -
  • Bufet D’ estudis Juridics I Empresarials, S.L, Founder & CEO
    1992 -
  • John Howell & Co, London, UK , Lawyer
    2005 -
  • The Mac Gold Partnership, London UK, Lawyer
    2007 -
  • Parodi Lawyers, Founder & Ceo
    - 2009

Expertise & Experience

  • Expert in Property Transactions (residential & commercial)
  • Expert in Civil & Criminal Litigation
  • EU enforcement of Spanish Court Decisions in the EU and enforcement of EU Court Decisions in Spain
  • Expert skilled in Spanish law in cases held before the High Court of Justice of England & Wales
  • Lectured entrepreneurs in the Malaga province through conferences embracing various areas of Law.


Me attending at the CCG corporate news 2009